My Most Noteworthy Accomplishments // Writing Prompt: Entry 3

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 9.44.05 PMThis prompt was titled “Most Prized Moments”. I don’t think this post will be very long considering the fact that I’m a teenager. I know that the intention of this prompt was most likely to list tangible awards and certificates, but there are many other important things a person can achieve in their life without necessarily getting a medal for it, and that is what I would like to demonstrate in this post. After reading this I hope you will be able to understand where my priorities lie. This list is in no particular order of importance.

The greatest accomplishments of my short life have been:

  • Becoming the President of my Class. Yes, I actually did that. And yes, it felt awesome.
  • Actually joining a sports team. I’m a runner now and I feel as if I can conquer anything. My shortness of breath holds me back from climbing Everest, but I won’t let it keep me from going on a nice, long jog.
  • Being selected for a spot in a poetry book (getting published). The book I was entered in comes out in December! Continue reading “My Most Noteworthy Accomplishments // Writing Prompt: Entry 3”

I want to be a Good Writer

I have a dream and today I am proclaiming it to the world. I  want to write stories loosely based on my life. I want to watch someone pick up my novel and not be able to put it down. I want someone to write a review on my work and call it hypnotic. I want someone to go through this blog and not be able to stop reading. Maybe they’ll find me on Pinterest or on the WordPress reader—but once they start reading they can’t stop and once they close the tab on my site they re-open it a few minutes later because they have the urge to find me again. I really just want to know I’m a validated writer that people respect. Continue reading “I want to be a Good Writer”

How to Appear More Confident Even If You Aren’t.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.01.39 AM

This isn’t exactly a DIY. There is no way to teach somebody how to do this. At the end of this post I will attempt to, but that is not the intent of this article. Some might think that I meant this post as a lesson about confidence or how to ace an interview. Well it’s not. I am writing this post with the faith that my readers will be able to comprehend that confidence is a lifestyle. A person who is completely put together just doesn’t exist, but many people are able to look put together. This is the life I live everyday. I wouldn’t call living this way a lie because I don’t do it on purpose. I just happen to like walking with confidence, dressing nicely, and planning the course of my life. When you put all those things together you probably see a girl walking down the street with all the answers. She knows what she wants in life and she knows how to get there. While that much may be true, even the people who look the most put together are facing an internal struggle. Here is why I can pull off this lifestyle so effortlessly. Continue reading “How to Appear More Confident Even If You Aren’t.”

15 of my Favorite Distractions // Writing Prompt: Entry 2

Today I will be completing the second constituent of my writing prompts. This will entail a description of 15 things I love to do.  Many of these revolve around art.

  1. Write. I know this is a very obvious one, but I had to put it at the top of my list so that all of you understand that I write this blog to fill a void in me and this blog gives me so much joy and pleasure.
  2. Draw. When I was little I was a geek in art class. I knew every opposite on the Color Wheel. I also knew how to write every bubble letter in under 10 seconds. I still do. I’m not the greatest artist, but I love to sit down with a sketch pad and practice my shading and drawing faces.
  3. Decorate my Room (Interior Designing). Every month you can come into my room and find something different. Whether I’ve made a new collage, hung up a new picture, or updated my inspiration board, I love to keep my room lookin’ fresh. Continue reading “15 of my Favorite Distractions // Writing Prompt: Entry 2”

Why I’ve Always Wanted a Typewriter

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 9.48.14 PMA fun fact about me: I’ve always wanted a typewriter. Ever since I learned about what it was when I was little I wanted one. Maybe it’s just a fad to me because I’ve always had a thing for school supplies. I love going shopping in September and buying new clothes and books and pencils. That probably makes me a nerd, but I don’t care it’s who I am. In particular, I find typewriters so intriguing; just the idea of typing my words and seeing them printed in front of me physically seems so exciting. Continue reading “Why I’ve Always Wanted a Typewriter”

Describe me in 25 words // Writing Prompt: Entry 1

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 4.28.14 PMI have decided that I am going to fill in these journal prompts for my lovely readers. I have put the picture of the prompt below in case anyone who reads this would like to do it. Today I will be filling in Number One. I will fill in each prompt whenever the mood strikes but I will try to post one at least once a week. I hope that these posts make you feel as if you can get to know me through my writing.

25 Qualities (Many of these will contradict each other):

  1. Bossy. I am the first child in my immediate family and over the years that has developed into getting used to the feeling of being in charge. I like to think of myself as a good leader but I try to make everyone in a group feel like they can give their input. All ideas matter.
  2. Self-Centered. I don’t go around boasting about how great I am, mostly because that’s not how I feel, but I do let comments slip every once in a while when people challenge my instincts.
  3. Confident. I’m not the type of person to stand up in a crowded room and give a speech about what I believe in, but I will stand up for myself when I need to.
  4. Shy. What I will do in a room full of people is sit in the corner and not talk to anyone. It’s a sad reality.
  5. Secretive. I don’t like revealing things about myself. People have told me that it took a long time for them to get to know me. That’s one of the reasons I started this blog: to put myself out there Continue reading “Describe me in 25 words // Writing Prompt: Entry 1”

My First Blog Post

So here it is. My very own blog. And why? Because I love to write. I’ve kept almost 10 complete journals in my life and I’ve written countless unfinished stories. I have had my share of great adventures from bad decisions and maybe I’ll write about them here one day. Continue reading “My First Blog Post”