A Letter to a Different Me// Writing Prompt: Entry 6

For this prompt, I was told to write a letter to myself, and I guess because I’m young I’ll write to my future self. There are a lot of things I hope for when I think about who I’ll be when I’m older. Continue reading “A Letter to a Different Me// Writing Prompt: Entry 6”


Wishing on a Star // Writing Prompt: Entry 5

Today’s prompt is: What do I wish for the most? This is a selfish question in my opinion. At first glance, you will think of items you’ve been longing for. But because that’s not what I’m usually focused on, it is something I’d actually have to think about. When I read this question, it tells me to dig deeper and unveil my personal goals.

For my first magical genie wish, I wish that something in my life would be constant. Friends don’t stay; Boys don’t stay; My happiness never stays. I simply want a friend who will be there for me when I need them, someone who I really feel like I can trust. Some might say that the best people are standing right in front of me but because I’m too busy looking for something else, I take them for granted. Well sorry life, but there aren’t that many people in front of me. Continue reading “Wishing on a Star // Writing Prompt: Entry 5”

5 things I wish I knew // Writing Prompt: Entry 4

Whether it’s in your head or on paper, everybody has a bucket list of things they want to do or accomplish. But what about a list of things you want to know; a list of questions that you hope scientists and researchers will have the answer to by the time you die? This writing prompt forced me to evaluate those things. Here are the 5 things I want to know/learn:

tumblr_ly6bilyn5q1qzzif8o1_5001. I want to know how it feels to be in love.
Now let me clarify, I want to know how it feels to be in love with someone who loves me back—I’ve already experienced  unrequited love. I hope that I will one day be able to find a person I can call my soul mate. I don’t know if I believe in fate, but I believe that if you work hard enough you can create your destiny. Continue reading “5 things I wish I knew // Writing Prompt: Entry 4”

My Most Noteworthy Accomplishments // Writing Prompt: Entry 3

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 9.44.05 PMThis prompt was titled “Most Prized Moments”. I don’t think this post will be very long considering the fact that I’m a teenager. I know that the intention of this prompt was most likely to list tangible awards and certificates, but there are many other important things a person can achieve in their life without necessarily getting a medal for it, and that is what I would like to demonstrate in this post. After reading this I hope you will be able to understand where my priorities lie. This list is in no particular order of importance.

The greatest accomplishments of my short life have been:

  • Becoming the President of my Class. Yes, I actually did that. And yes, it felt awesome.
  • Actually joining a sports team. I’m a runner now and I feel as if I can conquer anything. My shortness of breath holds me back from climbing Everest, but I won’t let it keep me from going on a nice, long jog.
  • Being selected for a spot in a poetry book (getting published). The book I was entered in comes out in December! Continue reading “My Most Noteworthy Accomplishments // Writing Prompt: Entry 3”

15 of my Favorite Distractions // Writing Prompt: Entry 2

Today I will be completing the second constituent of my writing prompts. This will entail a description of 15 things I love to do.  Many of these revolve around art.

  1. Write. I know this is a very obvious one, but I had to put it at the top of my list so that all of you understand that I write this blog to fill a void in me and this blog gives me so much joy and pleasure.
  2. Draw. When I was little I was a geek in art class. I knew every opposite on the Color Wheel. I also knew how to write every bubble letter in under 10 seconds. I still do. I’m not the greatest artist, but I love to sit down with a sketch pad and practice my shading and drawing faces.
  3. Decorate my Room (Interior Designing). Every month you can come into my room and find something different. Whether I’ve made a new collage, hung up a new picture, or updated my inspiration board, I love to keep my room lookin’ fresh. Continue reading “15 of my Favorite Distractions // Writing Prompt: Entry 2”

Describe me in 25 words // Writing Prompt: Entry 1

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 4.28.14 PMI have decided that I am going to fill in these journal prompts for my lovely readers. I have put the picture of the prompt below in case anyone who reads this would like to do it. Today I will be filling in Number One. I will fill in each prompt whenever the mood strikes but I will try to post one at least once a week. I hope that these posts make you feel as if you can get to know me through my writing.

25 Qualities (Many of these will contradict each other):

  1. Bossy. I am the first child in my immediate family and over the years that has developed into getting used to the feeling of being in charge. I like to think of myself as a good leader but I try to make everyone in a group feel like they can give their input. All ideas matter.
  2. Self-Centered. I don’t go around boasting about how great I am, mostly because that’s not how I feel, but I do let comments slip every once in a while when people challenge my instincts.
  3. Confident. I’m not the type of person to stand up in a crowded room and give a speech about what I believe in, but I will stand up for myself when I need to.
  4. Shy. What I will do in a room full of people is sit in the corner and not talk to anyone. It’s a sad reality.
  5. Secretive. I don’t like revealing things about myself. People have told me that it took a long time for them to get to know me. That’s one of the reasons I started this blog: to put myself out there Continue reading “Describe me in 25 words // Writing Prompt: Entry 1”