Butter LONDON Pretty Proper Eyeshadow Palette Review +Swatches

Butter LONDON is a makeup company that isn’t widely known. It is an American brand inspired by London. This company sells makeup that is on the more expensive end of the makeup spectrum. The palette I will share with you today has 3 beautiful, opaque matte shades and 3 lovely shimmery shades. 


  • intensely pigmented matte shades
  • matte shades blend easily
  • gorgeous colors
  • soft brush
  • high-quality mirror
  • if worn with a primer, the shimmer shades will stay on your lids and look amazing
  • gentle on skin


  • lots of eyeshadow fallout from shimmer shades
  • shimmery shades aren’t as bold as matte
  • shimmer shades look like sheer matte shades with uncondensed powder on top
  • washes off easily
  • must be re-applied if you are planning on wearing shadow all day
  • colors are misleading, they are often darker than they look

Overall, I give this palette a 5/10. The palette is sold for $40, but it only comes with 6 eyeshadows. Even though the matte shades are impeccable, the shimmer shades bring the overall quality of the palette down. I still use the shadows because the colors are just so pretty. I would recommend this palette if it had all matte shades, but because it does not, I can not recommend this to you without feeling guilty. If you have a great eyeshadow primer and can deal with the fallout, this palette may be a wonderful option for you. Buy it here from the Butter LONDON website.


Swatch Order (Left to Right): Top Left, Bottom Left, Top Middle, Bottom Middle, Top Right, Bottom Right



7 thoughts on “Butter LONDON Pretty Proper Eyeshadow Palette Review +Swatches

  1. I agree with you! I wasn’t thrilled with the palette either. I reviewed it on my blog a month ago. The company i think is not well known, but their nail polish is more widely known about than their makeup!


    1. That’s true! I have one of their polishes and one of their lipglosses and I’m planning on reviewing them later!


  2. I haven’t ever heard of this company before…. I love honest reviews! Even though the palette looks really pretty i don’t think i’ll be paying £40 for it after reading your review. X


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