Revlon Nail Lacquer in “Elegant” | First Impression + Review

Nude nail polishes have gradually become some of the most popular nail polishes out there. They are almost as essential as matte lipsticks. Nude nails look sleek, elegant, and professional. It goes with any outfit, any time of year. Recently I picked up this shade from my local drugstore. It took me a while to figure out which nude nail shade I wanted to buy because I had never bought one before. Eventually, I settled on “Elegant” because it seemed to flatter my skin tone.


Description of Color: It is clearly nude, but it seems to be a little bit on the brown side. It fits its name quite well; the polish looks quite “elegant”.

Drying Time:

  • Layer 1 dried in 4 minutes.
  • Layer 2 dried in 20 minutes.
  • Keep in mind: because this is a lacquer, it can take up to 1 hour for the polish to fully set
  • Drying Time: 24 minutes-1 hour. 


  • The polish is very liquidy—a little bit of polish goes a long way.
  • Small air bubbles appeared after 2 coats.
  • apply 2-3 coats of this polish.
  • I made the mistake of putting clear a top and bottom coat, which I advise you not to do.
  • The paint will begin to smudge very easily, and air bubbles will wreck any hope of the polish drying flat.
  • After using two coats, without a top or bottom coat, there are almost no air bubbles, the polish is smooth, and it even has a slightly shiny matte finish.
  • When it dries, the color is noticeably different than my skin tone.
  • The shade does flatter my skin tone, it actually gives my skin subtle peachy undertones.


  • Revlon “Elegant”: 6/10. This nail polish is beautiful, but it’s not what you expect from a matte shade. It did not match my skin tone. One of the big reasons I gave it a 6 is because of what happened when I applied a top and bottom coat—I wasted three coats of lacquer and two coats of clear polish! After fixing my nails, I will admit that I loved how they looked. Buy the polish here for $6.95 on Amazon.
  • Would I repurchase? No. It is a lovely shade, but it’s not the greatest quality nail polish. Plus the color is not really nude. I know that soon I will find a better nude for my skin tone.
The horrid aftermath when applying a top and bottom coat!
The beautiful result after applying just 2 coats of nail polish.



13 thoughts on “Revlon Nail Lacquer in “Elegant” | First Impression + Review

    1. Lacquer has a thinner, more liquidy consistency. Other polishes, like gel ones, are thinker and are able to dry much more quickly. A real-life example would be: if you drop water on a table and yogurt on another table (both away from the sun), the yogurt will dry up faster.

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  1. Revlon has some vey lovely shades, but slot of their polish formulas are usually hit or miss. OPI is definitely a personal favorite. The end result looked nice though, almost mimics a gel manicure in the picture. I’ve been searching for a great nude shade too, preferably one with a nice warm brown or mauve undertone for the season


    1. I love OPI! This definitely has a warm brown undertone, so I recommend that you take a look at it the next time you’re in your local drugstore (:

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