15 of my Favorite Distractions // Writing Prompt: Entry 2

Today I will be completing the second constituent of my writing prompts. This will entail a description of 15 things I love to do.  Many of these revolve around art.

  1. Write. I know this is a very obvious one, but I had to put it at the top of my list so that all of you understand that I write this blog to fill a void in me and this blog gives me so much joy and pleasure.
  2. Draw. When I was little I was a geek in art class. I knew every opposite on the Color Wheel. I also knew how to write every bubble letter in under 10 seconds. I still do. I’m not the greatest artist, but I love to sit down with a sketch pad and practice my shading and drawing faces.
  3. Decorate my Room (Interior Designing). Every month you can come into my room and find something different. Whether I’ve made a new collage, hung up a new picture, or updated my inspiration board, I love to keep my room lookin’ fresh.
  4. Sing. I hope one day I will be able to sing well. I have been told I do not sing well but I like to try out for talent shows and sing to myself. I will not sing for my friends and family, but I will sing for a crowd, but I guess if I have gone through an audition than I know I must be qualified and I will gain confidence through that.
  5. Dance. I have only danced professionally for 2 years when I was really young. But everybody has their moments when they feel like graceful gazelles dancing to their favorite songs. I have those moments and hen I look at myself in the mirror and im like nevermind.
  6. Act. I have never acted professionally. I was in a musical once and all I had to do was sing and dance. I have also taken one improv class. But I enjoy pretending to be different people and I am pretty good at hiding things. The only things I can’t hide are my emotions—my cheeks tell too much.
  7. Take Photos. I am very on-off with my desire to depict my life in photos. But for the most part, I am able to capture really beautiful moments in my life. Maybe one day I will post a photo gallery to here for fun.
  8. Paint. I am not a very good painter but I own a lot of paint and paint brushes. I paint a lot but I don’t really spend time perfecting my painting skills. I do enjoy expressing my feelings through my paintings. Recently I got spray paint I have been experimenting with this wonderful new medium.
  9. Hang out with my friends. If there is a person I genuinely like enough to hang out with, of course, I’m having fun when I spend time with them.
  10. Shop. I do not typically enjoy shopping if there is no real intent, but if there is something specific I want to buy or some sale I want to check out shopping can be a thrilling experience.
  11. Plan my life/Daydream. To me, these are one and the same because I typically will be daydreaming about extraordinary scenarios that I wish I could get the courage to take on and make a reality.
  12. Listen to music. Like every other human being, I listen to music. I don’t have a favorite type of music or a favorite artist but I listen to most things that people hear on the radio. I am currently obsessed with the Chainsmokers.
  13. Play Drums.  I am very involved with Percussion in my school. I am in no way an adequate percussionist but I love the musical atmosphere my school provides. I get this feeling when I play that I can’t describe—it feels magical. Music takes me to a mystical place.
  14. Text. This is a pretty basic one but I really love to spend time chatting online. I love staying up at night getting to know people and feeling close to people through their writing and whatever they choose to tell me.
  15. Buy School Supplies. I mentioned this in my post: Why I’ve Always Wanted a Typewriter. In short, you can call me a nerd, but September is a very exciting time in my house.



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