Describe me in 25 words // Writing Prompt: Entry 1

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 4.28.14 PMI have decided that I am going to fill in these journal prompts for my lovely readers. I have put the picture of the prompt below in case anyone who reads this would like to do it. Today I will be filling in Number One. I will fill in each prompt whenever the mood strikes but I will try to post one at least once a week. I hope that these posts make you feel as if you can get to know me through my writing.

25 Qualities (Many of these will contradict each other):

  1. Bossy. I am the first child in my immediate family and over the years that has developed into getting used to the feeling of being in charge. I like to think of myself as a good leader but I try to make everyone in a group feel like they can give their input. All ideas matter.
  2. Self-Centered. I don’t go around boasting about how great I am, mostly because that’s not how I feel, but I do let comments slip every once in a while when people challenge my instincts.
  3. Confident. I’m not the type of person to stand up in a crowded room and give a speech about what I believe in, but I will stand up for myself when I need to.
  4. Shy. What I will do in a room full of people is sit in the corner and not talk to anyone. It’s a sad reality.
  5. Secretive. I don’t like revealing things about myself. People have told me that it took a long time for them to get to know me. That’s one of the reasons I started this blog: to put myself out there
  6. Vague. As I said, I don’t usually reveal information if I don’t need to.
  7. Awkward. Pretty self-explanatory; we all have those awkward moments. It just seems to happen to  me a little too often.
  8. Immature. I have my moments; we all have to act out sometimes.
  9. Very Mature. I act way beyond my age and it shows when people I don’t know try to guess my age. I am very conserved and well-behaved in a room full of strangers. This professional barrier gives off the impression that I am much older than I really am.
  10. Creative. I have always had a knack for coming up with ideas. Like all other good writers I faced a period of writer’s block. Once I overcame that, waves of inspiration came to me.
  11. Quirky. Everyday is a new challenge. Maybe I’m clumsy; maybe I have a tick; maybe I can’t stop itching my nose.
  12. Crazy. The quirks can make me a little nutty sometimes. But I think nutty is good for inspiration. The craziest people are usually the ones with the most unusual opinions, and that always makes for great writing perspectives.
  13. Obsessive. For short bursts of time I can become completely infatuated with a site, object, or idea. It doesn’t last very long though, depending on just how captivated I become. The desires always fade away.
  14. Detached. I have commitment issues. I can’t stick to anything too long unless I’m forced to. I become very detached to my schoolwork by the end of the year and with crushes sometimes I simply get bored. I have even come to face this lack of interest toward certain social media sites, like Instagram. It’s nothing against Instagram, I just can’t stand to check my feed for more than 5 minutes nowadays.
  15. Depressing. Sometimes I can make everyone in a room feel sorry or guilty.
  16. Upbeat. Sometimes I’m the highlight of the party.
  17. Misunderstood. Because I am so moody and unpredictable most people just don’t get me. For example, I want to be loved but I won’t let anyone in. Sometimes I let people in without thinking and it turns out that I’ve entrusted information in a person I severely dislike.
  18. Stressed. I’m always stressed about something. I think it has to do with how obsessive I can become. The stress usually derives from a plan I have because plans never work out the way I think they will.
  19. Stubborn. You think you can change my mind? Hah. Try me.
  20. Gullible. I really wish I wasn’t so gullible, but certain people can be terribly convincing.
  21. Confusing. I can play tricks oN yOuR mInD.
  22. Mean. Don’t get on my bad side. Half the time you won’t know you’re on it.
  23. Friendly. Honestly I try to be a nice person. I think I make pretty good first impressions when I am in a good mood and/or if you don’t catch me off-guard.
  24. Indecisive. Sometimes I can plan things out and have it down to the exact model and color of something that I want, but other times I can spend hours in  store looking at just one rack of clothing.
  25. Different/Unique. Who else do you know that could say all of these things about themselves and still manage to write a decent blog post?

I hope you enjoyed reading that. If you guys can relate or if you’re confused about something I wrote feel free to comment below. Also, for the posts that refer to me being in a crowded room of people, imagine a you’re at a party at your new job and everyone there already knows each other. You know a few people but they have oher people to talk to and you have a choice: hide or make a name for yourself.

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