Bullet Journal Plan With Me: February 2017

I started using the Bullet Journal System back in September of 2016. Since then, my journal hasn’t stopped evolving. In case you don’t know what a Bullet Journal is, in a nutshell, an amazing man named Ryder Carroll created a planning system that combines a planner, a to-do list, a journal, and a sketchbook all into one. Check out his website, bulletjournal.com for more information.

I did a ton of research on Pinterest and YouTube before starting a Bullet Journal and customizing it to fit my needs. There is no reason you need to invest so much time into your planner if a minimalist Bullet Journal fits your needs.

February happens to be my birth month and so this Plan With Me is quite special. My favorite colors are blue and purple, so I used those as the color scheme for my monthly spread.

February Intro Page


This is a page I make every month simply for drawing. I think it serves as a beautiful transition page between months. I decided to go with a purple galaxy theme this month and on the bottom of this page, I drew the Aquarius constellation.

My Monthly Calendar


I like doing a full two page spread each month because it forces me to make each day count. I used a lot of watercolor paint to make the pattern you see around my spread. I decided to go with a Monday start to my month because I am a student and that is how my brain works.

My Monthly Trackers


This month I’m trying some new trackers in my monthly spread. I have a habit tracker like most other Bullet Journalists, but mine is split into Morning and Night Routines. I added a Sleep Log underneath the tracker because I am hoping that this will encourage me to sleep more. On the second page, I have a general space for my Goals of the Month and a new spread I’m trying. I called it the Arabic Challenge. The idea of this is that I will try to learn one new Arabic word each day in February. Learning Arabic is a big goal of mine and this will encourage me to reach that goal. The last thing on this page is a Horizon which allows me to plan events I have coming up in March.

My Gratitude Log


I know what you’re probably thinking, why aren’t all of the lines in black ink?! Well, it’s simple, I believe that a gratitude log is important to have, but I am also aware that a person is grateful for a different number of things each day. By filling in this log day by day and creating the lines as I go, I will have a better view of which days I was the happiest by the end of February.

My Memories Page, Spending Log and Waiting On List


My memories page is blank because, obviously, I am going to fill it in as I create memories during the month of February. I tried a Spending Log and a Waiting On List for the first time last month and I loved them. I like forcing myself to keep track of the money I’m spending and earning so I can learn to budget better. I used the Waiting On List for items I had ordered online and for different e-mails I’d sent out so I could keep track of what I was still waiting on (hence the name of the list).

My First Weekly of February


I know I didn’t have to include this in my monthly layout, but because the last two days of January were included in this weekly spread, I thought it was important to create this weekly right away. This is the first time I’m trying a weekly all on one page. Usually, I spread all of the days across two pages and put the horizon and task lists underneath. In January, I experimented with different weekly trackers and lists and I found that these were the 3 I liked the best. I also love including a monthly view in my weekly because it helps me to stay on top of different goals for the month and to make sure that I’m spreading out my tasks properly.

I know this is a pretty long Monthly Layout, but I hope it gave my fellow Bullet Journalists some inspiration for February’s Monthly. If you’re wondering about what supplies I use or want to know more about the Bullet Journal System, please comment down below and I will be sure to write some more posts.

If you want to see some of the specific inspiration for my Bullet Journal, Check out my Pinterest Board dedicated to Bullet Journaling.


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