What I’m Thankful For: 2016

I’m probably a little late on the bandwagon, but I’d like to post about what I’m especially grateful for this year.

1. My Parents

Can I write a whole page about them?? Every time I’m down or I’m sick or I’m the littlest bit antsy, they’re right there to catch me. They are the reason I’ve been able to feel so secure in myself and I love them to death. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to prosper in anything I do. They have given me so many wonderful opportunities and have allowed me to be someone I can be proud of. Best. Parents. Ever.

2. The very tolerant friends I’ve made

Through thick and thin, they’ve been able to bring me up and tie me down when needed. I’m a person who always tends to be a little on edge, so this is something I’ve been searching for.

3. My family when they stick by me

I imagine I’m not the easiest person to stick up for, but my lovely family never lets me down. The fact that they’re nice to me even when I’m in a bad mood is always an uplifting quality.

4. The amazing opportunities I’ve been given this year

I’ve gotten to work with some incredible people and explore places I never thought I would. It maks me feel like all of the efforts I’ve given have actually amounted to something.

5. My incredibly patient blog followers

I can’t thank all of you enough—and so I’ll never stop doing so.


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