Movie Review: Clueless

I stayed up last night watching the 1995 film Clueless. It is not exactly a classic, but I believe that the motifs you can take from this movie will hold true for a long time. Clueless was filmed in the age before laptops or smartphones, but because 1995’s technology wasn’t the movie’s main focus, this shouldn’t be a reason you decide against watching it . Before I begin my review, yes, Clueless is available on Netflix. 

Cher is a very rich high school student who happens to be the most popular girl in her class. She loves fashion and shopping and seems like a total airhead. To contrast this, her father, a very successful lawyer, has taught her how to fight for what she wants and pushes her to be a good student. Over the years, Cher has mastered the art of convincing her teachers to boost her grades while not having to do much work. Her best friend, Dionne, is a snobby girl with an eccentric fashion sense. Dionne has a boyfriend who she complains about constantly. Because Cher doesn’t have a guy, she decides to  do “good deeds” to fill the void.  She first decides to set up two of her teachers in hopes of making them much more open to changing her grades. After a great success, she desires to do more. A new girl comes to the school, and Cher and Dionne decide to help her out and make her popular. While helping her, Cher decides to venture into the dating world and realizes that finding the right guy isn’t easy.

I give this movie a 6.5/10. It has romance and comedy, but there isn’t very much drama in the movie. The only reason that I was motivated to watch this movie until the end was my desire to see Cher overcome her sheer cluelessness. The rising action in this movie was extremely short-lived and only included Cher. And all of the small issues that the characters had were resolved in minutes.  I wish that the directors would’ve done a better job of concealing key moments.

P.S. If you have already watched the movie, go watch Iggy Azalea’s video for “Fancy” on YouTube. It’s over 2 years old now, but it is a great spin on “Clueless” (She uses the same scenery and clothing, but instead of being “Clueless” Iggy is confident and much more sexual). Here is a full comparison of the movie to Iggy’s Video.


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