What Halloween Means for Me + My Costume, Makeup & More

Growing up, my family didn’t celebrate Halloween for religious reasons. On Halloween night, my church would host a communal gathering with games and songs, and at the end of the night, we would all go home with candy bags. Naturally, this made me hate everything about Halloween: the parties, my friends trick or treating together and all of the costumes. In Elementary School, we had a big parade around our school’s lot to show off our costumes and promote school spirit. Afterward, every class would have a Halloween Party. Kids who didn’t celebrate could sit in the library all day or stay home. Being the attention-hog I was, I refused to stay home. After a lot of pleading, my mom reluctantly picked up 2 4-piece costumes from the discount section at a Halloween store: a cat and a devil. From the time I was in the 3rd Grade until now, I have found ways to either make new, unique costumes or mix these two basic ones.

This year I’ve given up on all of this. I am just going to go as a devil. It’s better than a cat, right? The four items from the original set are in my header. Because I’ll be wearing this in school, I decided not to wear the small skirt that this set came with. Here is what I will be wearing. I paired a velvet skater skirt with a velvet tank (no, they actually didn’t come in a set). I also added long boots, a mesh glove, and a rose for my hair.  Some of the things I’ll be wearing aren’t pictured. Those things are sheer stockings and a bright red coat.


For my makeup, I wanted to really play around with this year’s devilish theme. Seductive black eyeliner and red lipstick are a must. The palette I featured here is actually a new one that I’m loving. I’ll be posting about it soon! I will use the black all the way on the right and the deep maroon 4 from the right to create a red smoky eye!


For my final touch, I painted my nails black and added two silver dots to my ring finger on my left hand. The classic and easy design makes the nail art stand out.


There you have it: my super simple costume! Hope you all enjoyed reading this post. Happy Halloween!


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