Bath & Body Works Mini-Haul: The Difference Between Body Cream & Lotion

First off, I want to say that absolutely adore this scent. I picked up these items at my local Bath & Body Works toward the beginning of this month and I’ve enjoyed them a lot. I usually go for the sweeter, more fruity scents—but vanilla is my guilty pleasure. This has become my go-to perfume.

Getting to the moral of the story, during the colder months, it becomes very important to moisturize and make sure your skin stays hydrated. As we layer up, we tend to wash more and take care of our skin less. Body Creams and Lotions are two products you can use when moisturizing. Here are some key differences between them. 


  • “creamier”
  • heavier formula
  • thicker consistency
  • half oil half water mix
  • leaves an oily feeling
  • provides more moisture and moisture lasts longer
  • you may prefer this if you feel that the oily residue is satisfying and helps you realize that the cream has in fact stayed on
  • penetrates the skin to provide a barrier that prevents more moisture loss than lotion


  • no oily feeling
  • mostly water-based
  • feels more liquidy
  • not as readily absorbed by skin as creams
  • provides less moisture


It is best to use lotions in the summer. Use creams during the winter and year-round for knees, hands, feet, and other places where your skin is extremely dry. Remember not to use either of these on your face, because creams will likely make you break out from the oil and only specific lotions are meant for your face.


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