Blog Update: Renovation & Reader Appreciation

Today I will be telling you about my blog’s new theme. I will also be thanking my readers. My blog has undergone a few changes and reached important milestones recently—and that shouldn’t be left unnoticed. Hope you enjoy reading!

I think it’s wrong to give my blog a makeover and not tell my amazing readers why I chose to do so. For a while now I’ve felt as though my blog looked too childish. I recently invested time into checking out themes, and I found a new theme that satisfied most of my needs and gave my blog a more mature feel. Below I will compare the two themes I’ve used. Please understand that in my comparisons I am talking purely about my blog and am not trying to criticize anyone who uses these themes.

Old Sela Theme:


  • Colorful.
  • Easy to use.
  • Modern, fun look.
  • Loved the look and spacing of the widgets.
  • Easy to navigate for readers.
  • Very pretty static front page layout.
  • Lots of space for photos to be displayed.
  • Perfect if you need a vibrant,comfortable business theme.


  • The color schemes were extremely restrictive. Only 6 colors could be used and, because the color you choose will be used throughout your blog, you must make photos compliment the color you choose.
  • The header was a bit blurry. I couldn’t fix this because the color scheme I used would have looked bad with a different colored header. As you can see from the picture, the header matches with the menu.
  • Forced me to make the text in my header very small because, although the theme claims to be responsive, if you choose to use an image for your header instead of text, the photo will shrink when using a smaller device.
  • Not a flashy theme; there are no ways to make featured posts stand out.
  • The individual featured images were cut off in the theme and this was annoying. If the image was too small the theme would add lines to the side of it.
  • Used by many bloggers. (Can be a pro or con.)
  • Because the navigation is so easy, the theme made my blog look simple and immature.


My blog with the Sela Theme.


New Toujours Theme:


  • Clean, Sleek look.
  • The header text can be larger and can be adjusted to have better quality.
  • The color scheme is very versatile and easy to adjust.
  • Will not crop my featured images.
  • Gives sticky posts a highlighted box.
  • Displays my 3 most recent posts in a special area.
  • Has a featured content area where it displays 8 posts of my choice.
  • Many customizing options—can be minimalistic or colorful and bold.


  • The widgets are spread out a little more than I would like.
  • I don’t like the way the gravatar widget looks; the photo is very large.
  • You are forced to display your blog’s tagline in a special area, which is why I changed mine from “in the head of a teenage introvert” to “beauty,fashion,lifestyle & more”. The original tagline is still in my header.
  • The line spacing for the text is quite significant.
  • The “normal” sized text is a bit too small and the “large” is a bit too large.
  • The primary blog menu is the same font and size as those used in posts—not in titles.
  • You must use featured images, especially for posts shown in the recent post and featured content areas


My blog with the Toujours Theme.


I tend to change the look of my blog quite often, which you may notice depending on how much you check out my site. I play around with widgets and fonts all the time—so if you look at my blog after reading this post and realize that my blog looks a little different, don’t fret.

I love my followers.

I would like to take this time to dispense follower appreciation. You guys are amazing and I wish I could hug each and every one of you. On September 24th, I reached 100 follows and 500 likes. This means that these photos are a little old, but still, the thanks are genuine. Every day I think about ways to make my blog better. My readers make the time I’ve put into this blog worth every second.

If you guys have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me or comment below. I take the suggestions of my readers very seriously because I write not only to please myself but also to appease my readers in every way possible.


3 thoughts on “Blog Update: Renovation & Reader Appreciation

    1. Thank you!! I will definitely check out the post! I have been thinking about self-hosting for a while. I am planning to upgrade around Christmastime. (:

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