Movie Review: The Breakfast Club

Disclaimer: Do not read past the first paragraph if you have never seen this movie.

Recently I watched a 1985 Classic: the Breakfast Club. I did not know much about the plot of this movie but I’ve heard from many independent sources that it’s a wonderful story that I just had to see. What I found out is that it is the classic tale of a group of kids from all different social classes coming together for the first time and realizing that each of them has their own struggle completely different from one another.

This movie is Rated R but I think it should be rated PG-13. Besides short sexual references, one scene with drug use, and the very prominent cursing—I would have shown this to a 12-year-old, and in today’s world, a 12-year-old would be unfazed by this movie.

I have a few complaints with this movie. During the whole movie, they never left the school and barely moved in the library. From the beginning, the group disobeyed their principal and he didn’t even come in to check on the kids. He only seemed to care that John was messing with him. And out of nowhere the principal threatened John. I honestly felt bad for John, he was so misunderstood. He didn’t lie all that much, it’s just that no one believed him. I believe that he was really scared of the principal— but who can blame him—that guy was super creepy. At the beginning of the movie, John just decided not to care that Brian was counting all of the times he was supposed to get detention. I would have at least smacked the nerd, I mean c’mon. Allison, the basketcase, didn’t talk until midway through the movie then all of a sudden she seemed pretty normal and let out all of her secrets. I don’t even think the name “Allison” was mentioned in the movie. When they had the scene where all of the kids explained how they got detention, John and Claire never explained how they had gotten into detention. And although it was a rated R movie, we never really knew if Claire lost her virginity to John in that closet. Throughout the movie, I was hoping to hear them call themselves “Breakfast Club”. Maybe  they would talk about starting a club and try to figure out what all of them like and they all say “Breakfast”. It sounds stupid, but at least that would explain where the name came from. The only time it was mentioned was when Brian used that name to sign the letter, which is incredibly disappointing as it makes the name seem very clichéd.

breakfast-club.jpgGoing from left to right:
  • John Bender played by Judd Nelson- Criminal. He turned out to be a kid who was scared of his parents and rebelled against them. Because of his parents, he felt pressure to make everyone believe he was tougher than them.
  • Allison Reynolds played by Ally Sheedy-Basketcase. She was ignored by her parents so she didn’t mind being ignored by everyone else. This lead her to become unaware of what she looked like to other people. Though, when she wasn’t ignored, she was ready to make friends.
  • Andrew Clark played byEmilio Esteves- Jock/Athlete. He is only wrestling to impress his dad, who bullies him. This leads him to become soft, but very successful.
  • Claire Standish played by Molly Ringwald-Popular Girl/Princess. She feels pressure to impress her friends. She has to maintain a certain standard to live the life she lives and she is immensely afraid of losing the friends she has.
  • Brian Johnson played by Anthony Michael Paul- Nerd/Brain. He feels a great deal of pressure to maintain his perfect GPA. He will go to extreme measures to protect it.

In this day and age, all of these pressures and fears are commonly known. Sometimes kids just forget that parents have imperfections too, and that can lead them to live drastically different lives. I give this movie a 9/10 because it was probably a pretty original movie concept back in 1985, and besides the unnatural coupling of characters gives this movie an edge that viewers just can’t resist.


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