Sweater Weather in Style | Fall Fashion Essentials + Outfit Inspiration

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, we may forget to take the opportunity to wear lighter jackets and cute thin sweaters. As I picked this outfit, I thought about those wonderful 60-70 degree days. I know it may still be too hot to wear this depending on where you live, but here is some outfit inspiration for the near future.

Here I present to you a versatile treat: a light leather moto jacket, a flowy black tank, ripped medium wash skinny jeans, and statement heels. These thrown together make for a perfectly-balanced autumn ensemble.


This simple necklace adds emphasis to the gold shoes and makes people pay attention to the care you put into choosing this outfit. Gold bangles are optional, but they will add some extra flare.


You don’t need these heels to wear this outfit. Any black booties or heels will do. I chose these because they make the look more professional and I enjoy the fact that the off-white detail matches with the jacket.


Any season comes with a day or two of sunshine. These leopard-patterned sunglasses go with just about any outfit.


With this outfit, I suggest wearing nude nail polish, gold or nude eye makeup, brow filler, mascara, and some eyeliner. To get specific suggestions, take a gander at Everyday Makeup Look Using Affordable Products. For a bold finish, try one of the red shades from my Fall/Winter Lipstick Collection + Swatches.



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