Back To School Outfits for Every Type of Fashionista | Outfit Inspo #OOTW

Going back to school or getting back into your groove at work can be a very exciting time of year, but also a potentially difficult transitional period. Wearing clothes you look and feel good in can make a big impact on how well you handle the changes that come your way. Here are a bunch of outfits you can wear no matter what your style is. Most of them are very minimalistic and plain with statement pieces. This is generally very stylish in today’s society. Wearing something cute has never been easier!

1. The Casual Cutie

This outfit is very easy to pull off. Light Wash Jeans and a Striped Shirt are essential pieces in any girl’s wardrobe. Adding colorful jewelry makes the outfit stand out in a crowd.

a look so simple, anyone could pull it off

2. The Chic Skater Girl

Skater Skirts and Dresses have been very popular for a while now. The flattering style first showed up in the 90s and then made a comeback a few years ago. This flannel top and cami go great with a black skater skirt. The popular lace detail on the bottom of the skirt gives the outfit a girly flare.

the cross-bra cami, flannel, and skater skirt are all very in-style right now

3. Effortless Business Style

Sweater Tanks have made a big impact on today’s fashion market. Paired with a button-up skirt and large necklace, the outfit shows people that you keep up with the hottest trends, and that you’re ready to get down to business.

button-up skirts and sweater tanks have become very popular recently
this is a close-up so you can get a better look at the necklace

4. The Confidence Crusher

By pulling of corduroy overalls with a striped crop-top, you not only make everybody stop and stare, you make people want to be you. You can also pull off this outfit any month of the year by either rolling up the ankles of the overalls or by wearing a long-sleeve shirt instead of the crop-top.

if you don’t like corduroy, you can buy regular jeans overalls as well

5. The Go-Anywhere and Do-Anything Romper

Rompers can be worn in just about every season and are acceptable in almost every setting. With a simple cardigan and a belt, this summery one-piece just turned into a sexy business-casual suit. If you want to pull this off in the winter, dark sheer leggings and long boots will look fantastic with this floral masterpiece.

this ensemble seems complicated, but is quite simple
a close-up of the necklace and belt

I hope you enjoyed the outfits I put together! If you want any information on where to buy specific pieces, let me know in the comments.


8 thoughts on “Back To School Outfits for Every Type of Fashionista | Outfit Inspo #OOTW

    1. Here is the link for the romper! I got it for $10 but it was reduced to less than $4! What a steal! It’s great quality for the price.
      I got the cardigan from Aéropostale recently but I can’t find it online… sorry about that. Here is a similar one also from Amazon.

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