My Favorite Childhood Memory

item_5.renderimage.imagepath.550.309Has anyone ever asked you where your “happy place” is? That question is usually used as a strategy tailored to finding inner peace, so you can focus and do your best work. Here is a new trick that will boost your mood: think of one of your favorite childhood memories. It could be the smell of fresh grass, the morning route you took to deliver newspapers, walking into your favorite candy store, or playing with your favorite toy. Just think of it, and go there. Immerse yourself and feel at peace. If you loved watching the sunrise with your parents: FaceTime them at 5am and watch it on your porch. If you loved the smell of Grandma’s brownies: get the recipe and bake them.

My favorite childhood memory is going to my cousin’s old house. They moved out of it recently but because they rent it out, everything is still the same. The trampoline is still in the backyard, the patio still sits on the deck, there aren’t any fancy renovations—and I remember every detail. I have so many great memories with my family and friends hanging out there. Recently we drove past there to pick up some mail—it was close to exhilarating. I transported to better days and that instantly lifted my mood.

Another great memory is getting Ice Cream from my Grandmother’s Ice cream truck. She doesn’t own one— but where I live, the Ice Cream trucks don’t stop near my house. Since I was a child, my grandmother has had the same man come right by her door at 7pm to sell ice cream. I have ordered Mr. Frosty’s Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Ice Cream cone since I was five years old and it is the same cone I order to this day. We only get ice cream from him maybe 4 times during the Summer, but he recognizes my cousins and I. I hope we’ll see him for many more years to come. Hearing the Ice Cream truck jingle strikes a cord in my heart and brings me back to simpler times. I’ll always know that just a few miles away I can hear that sound and it will bring me back.

Have you ever used this trick as a relaxation mechanism? What’s your favorite memory? Share it in the comments below!



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