A Conversation with My Dad

Yesterday was my Dad’s Birthday, so I decided to dedicate this post to him. Him and I don’t always see eye-to-eye but I know he cares about me and that’s all that really matters.

My father has been saying that he is so bored with this life lately. He has “nothing to look forward to”. I told him that his kids are supposed to make him feel young. When you have kids you’re supposed to look forward to the new changes and milestones in their lives. He disagrees. He opened up to me and said he can’t feel young unless the changes I make revolve around his opinions. This means that he won’t be happy unless I do what he says. My dad doesn’t like to show his emotions, so it rarely seems as though he’s proud of me. If he does decide to demonstrate his satisfaction in my accomplishments, he will simply tell me that I’m doing a good job with my life. He is not the kind of guy who boasts about his kids, but that’s ok because he has taught me to be proud of my own accomplishments. He does care about us though, and he shows it when he disagrees with our decisions. I’m lucky that he doesn’t care whether or not I go into his profession. What he does care about at the moment, is that I don’t want to switch schools. I’ve gotten the opportunity to move to a school that he feels is superior to the one I’m enrolled in currently.

I feel as though I am already so deep into my curriculum and I have made so many ties to the clubs I am in at my school that it doesn’t make sense to turn back on all that now. I have a good shot at progressing into leadership roles in my activities and thriving in my path of studies in the school I’m at now—but my dad just doesn’t see it that way. My mom says he wants me to be closer to home but I don’t buy it. The school they want me to go to just isn’t a good fit. My school is very big. I have so many options and so much freedom to choose who I can be. The other school is new and fancy and it has all these gadgets but it’s in the middle of no where and the student body is much too small for me. I quite like the person I am becoming in my school. Many of the students I’ve become close to have helped shape the person I am becoming. If I were to switch,  I would revert back to the version of myself I was a year ago because I met many of the students who go to the opposing school in a prior life. I would once again become a very depressed and introverted girl. As opposed to the very new opportunistic and optimistic girl I have the potential to become if I stay where I am.

All in all, I know that my future is secure in the hands of my school and I’m glad that my parents did not force me to move schools. I wish that they could see my side of the story but hopefully they will be able to be proud of my accomplishments when I graduate.

On a happier note, we had a small celebration for my dad’s birthday yesterday. He isn’t fond of commemorating his birthday, so my family and I decided to take him out for dinner, then we had a cake and his favorite cookies back home. I also made him the banner you see above. I should have made that for him last night and hung it up for him in the morning as he left for work, but I forgot to do so. I ended up just having everyone who was at my house sign it and we hung it in the kitchen when he ate his cake. IMG_2242


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