OPI Puerto Vallarta Violeta | First Impression + Review

It’s Summer. It’s warm, you’re in a good mood, and you have some free time on your hands, so it feels natural to want to paint your nails. Although you might love feeling like a risk-taker when you put on your neon orange nail paint, you soon come to realize that it doesn’t match with any of your clothes. In an attempt to stay away from basic whites, blacks, and nudes, I vowed to find myself a color that was summery, beautiful, and matched with many of my outfits. I found that wonderful shade when I put on the OPI Puerto Vallarta Violeta.

Description of Color: Lilac Pink. Very Light Mauve-Pink. Almost Nude Mauve.

Drying Time:

  • Layer 1 dried in 2 minutes.
  • Layer 2 dried in 4 minutes.
  • Top Coat dried in 3 minutes.
  • **I suggest waiting 15-20 minutes after Top Coat is dry before beginning to do anything that could damage nail paint.
  • Drying Time: 24-29 minutes.

What I did:

  • **Using a base coat is optional. I decided not to use a base coat.
  • Put on 1st layer of color and waited for it to dry.
  • Put on 2nd layer of color and waited for it to dry.
  • Put a sheer coat on top.


  • Easy to apply. Try to use equal amounts of paint for each nail so they dry evenly.
  • After 1 coat it is extremely sheer. No air bubbles appeared.
  • I only did 2 coats but I suggest putting 3 coats of nail polish on before applying the clear top coat.
  • Let your nails air dry. I do not suggest blowing on your nails to make them dry because this will create air bubbles.
  • If you do not wait for paint to dry, the clear coat will smudge the paint.
  • The paint has a slightly sparkly shimmer when it’s dry.
  • Very light but noticeable color.
  • Very good substitute for nude nail color.


  • OPI Puerto Vallarta Violeta: 9/10. It is a bit too sheer for my taste and I don’t like that it takes 3 coats to fully see the color. But I love the color itself. I know that OPI is a great brand and this was definitely a high-quality Nail Lacquer. This shade has been discontinued by OPI but you can buy it on Amazon here for $15.94 or on eBay here for $8.99. Keep in mind that some sellers on eBay have it for less if you don’t mind buying a used nail polish. Do your research before purchasing this nail polish.
  • Would I repurchase? Yes. It is a lovely, great quality nail polish and I love the color.
  • Essie No Chips Ahead: 6/10. Although this provides a nice, shiny top coat, it does not prevent chips. You may have more luck than me when it comes to your nail polish chipping but in my experience, this top coat has not been effective in preventing my nail color from coming off. Buy it here for just $4.75. (That’s a steal, I bought mine for $8). If this is sold out, buy it here for $8.50.
  • Would I repurchase? No. The only reason I would repurchase this is because it is a top-notch top coat. But because it does not hold true to its purpose, I will not be repurchasing. I suggest buying a normal clear top-coat instead of this one. Here is a vitamin-infused top-coat from eBay for just $1.88.





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