A Beautiful Bracelet with a Cause

Happy One Month of Blogging to Me! Yesterday was August 10th, which means that one month ago I sat on my laptop and began writing my first blog post. Since then I’ve changed this blog an incredible amount and I’ve learned so much. I want to thank all of my amazing followers for helping me to fall in love with blogging each and every day.

I’ve heard of so many ways people are fundraising for different causes: from t-shirts,ribbons, and advertised websites to school fundraisers and spirit weeks, there are so many creative ways to support a cause you’re passionate about. Why not show your support in style? While on a retreat, I noticed a booth of beautiful, beaded bracelets. br1
I wasn’t looking to fundraise and I wasn’t feeling especially generous, but I’ll admit that it felt good when I realized that the tag on my bracelet identified a charity. What I found out is that the bracelet I bought was from a company called Chavez for Charity(CFC) . They make a variety of bracelets and with each bracelet sold, 25% of the proceeds go to charity. You can simply choose a bracelet you like or look for a specific charity.Each bracelet color represents a different charity. br4
I believe that this list of charities was not updated because a few of the charities have changed. Here is the correct list of charities. To learn more about them, I have linked each charity to its corresponding Chavez for Charity Page.

The bracelet I bought was purple, which means I donated to Partners in Health—a charity that improves upon the lives of poor people. Each bracelet comes with a tag just like this one. Because Partners in Health is no longer a Chavez for Charity-linked charity, you can find them at this address.br2
Here is a picture of my bracelet. br3I would give you a link to where you could buy it, but it no longer exists on the Chavez for Charity site as this bracelet was linked to Partners in Health—not STOMP Out Bullying. You’ll notice that CFC is engraved on the bracelet.
A few of my friends also got bracelets, the beaded bracelets pointed at with an arrow represent the CFC bracelets.br5
This post was in no way sponsored by CFC I simply wanted to share a beautiful company with my readers. Visit their website to buy bracelets and learn more about CFC at this website.


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