Today is my Best Friend’s Birthday.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.34.30 PM

Now you must know that I will be referring to many of my friends as my “best” friends on this blog because they are the friends that I am most prone to mentioning. I guess if I have to use a nickname for this specific friend it will be “Queen”. I can’t really explain why, it’s just something she is: a queen.  She is amazing and if she was the queen of a country I would live in that magical place. This is a girl I’ve known since 2013 and we have been close since the beginning of 2015. Her birthday happens to be important because the first time we were going to spend it together was last year. Unfortunately, those plans failed because my Grandpa happened to die two days prior, so my relatives flooded my house and I was unable to give my best friend the birthday she so deserved. She actually didn’t want to do anything for her birthday, but I convinced her that she should because I happen to love birthdays. Her last birthday was also very special because her mother does not let her hang out with friends very often and that would have been our first time hanging out, but again, that did not happen.

Nevertheless we are great friends because even though we talk monthly, it feels as if we talk constantly. Months later we can jump back into random conversations as if we had them the day before. That is a rare type of bond and one I hold dear. Also we just kind of click. Our brains must be in sync because she is one of the few people who understands me to a point that we can be completely honest with each other—and still sound kind.

This year,  Queen decided to spend her birthday with my ex-boyfriend. Let’s just say that, for her sake, I hope he has changed since we went out. He happens to be the guy I shared my first kiss with, but that did not go very well. I never had feelings for him anyhow, so I am absolutely content with the fact that they find happiness in each other. The only real issue is that her ex-boyfriend of almost 2 years is one of his best friends. And he is one scary dude. The worst part of this debacle is that I know her ex will be angry and probably try to come after my ex.  The problem with this is that during the time we went out, my ex found out that something happened between me and my Queen’s ex—something Queen doesn’t know about. The life I live can sometimes be described as a very long, complicated string of lies. All of these lies began and concluded in the time I’ve known Queen. Well I don’t know if you can say concluded . . . but that doesn’t matter because what I really care about is that Queen and I remain friends and that she is happy. And if my ex makes her happy, than her ex better shut his mouth or he is going to get it from me. The two spent last night together at the beach. My ex decided to ask Queen out officially and she said yes. Last week she told me that they had begun talking and that she might have feelings for him. She got butterflies—he was being so sweet to her. How could I not support this endeavor into new love? Anyway, Queen’s ex-boyfriend doesn’t know anything about her new relationship yet, so we will see how this plays out.

I will probably go into detail about this ex and the whole story later but I just want y’all to keep in mind that it is an extremely long story and one I could possibly write a book about, which I may do. I may even do a post series on this chronicle of events at the request of my readers. Let me know what you think. Also, the images I have attached in this post are referring to the special bond Queen and I share.


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